O nas ~`Who we are

~ Silvia~

O nas ~`Who we are ~ Silvia

Silvia Rosa - z wykształcenia biolog, pełna pasji i energii, na co dzień pracuje w ramach programów UNICEF jako arteterapeuta.   Pomaga dzieciom, młodzieży i dorosłym w wyrażaniu własnych emocji. Arteterapia (terapia przez sztukę) przynosi wspaniałe rezultaty. Podnosi samoocenę i samoświadomość oraz rozwija umiejętności interpersonalne.

Silvia wykorzystuje także inne narzędzia, których celem jest uwolnienie się od nagromadzonych myśli, emocji i wzorców zachowań, takie jak Terapia Access Bars, techniki Theta Healing oraz jogę Kundalini.


Joga  Kundalini — nazywana jest terapią świadomości, pozwala uwolnić stare wzorce zachowań i łączy nas naszą prawdziwą naturą. Dzięki odpowiednim technikom stajemy się spokojniejsi i bardziej wyciszeni poprawia się nasza koncentracja i poczucie wewnętrznej siły.

"I believe we all have the power to create our reality. Searching for myself, I explored life and the world. In fact, in part, I'm still in it.
I started my career as a biologist because I was enormously curious about life itself. I specialized in histology because I wanted to understand creation at the cellular level. I continued my journey exploring the world by working on a cruise ship where I had the opportunity to meet many people and visit various countries.
Since I was a child, I always had the innate desire to help people and was always doing my best to do so wherever I went. Until a moment when I realized that this internal desire was to know who I was in essence, and to be connected with my life purpose.

And after years of personal work and life experiences, I finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together and found the most appropriate path to realize my biggest dream: Be my pure Essence! And help people find their purpose in life.
The magic I experienced during a KUNDALINI AWKENING PATH session immediately made me feel the urgency to share KAP with more people. Finally I found the tool; I have been looking for ages, to connect to my soul and help other to do the same. Be the channel for you that want to find your life purpose! KAP gave me meaning in life, and took me to another level, obtaining much more creativity for new projects. KAP opened the doors to a world of new possibilities that I was not aware of, but that was always there for me. Did you know that the limitations we encounter every day are simply a product of our mind, and/or a lack of your own empowerment? The good news is that both can be trained.
Since I started my journey, many doors have opened in another dimension. I am also a therapist and I help people unlock their process at a quantum level with Thetahealing, Access Bar and Art Therapy sessions, which I consider the greatest personal power of the human been, THE CREATIVITY! Would you like to discover a new world to achieve what you want?
Put aside all accessories, and be the owner of your destiny. You just need to give yourself the opportunity to experience of awakening your Kundalini!
If you are interested in a 1:1 or group session, feel free to contact me.
I want you to recover the essence of your Being".

Silvia Rosa